Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hallucination that become reality

Dengar laraku, suara hati ini memanggil namamu
Karena separuh aku dirimu

when this song at this line. i think a while about it. so is my half self is yours, then can i live with the half?? hell no! because i need my fullself to live dude. but when i think twice, my tears will falling down because i always think of my past of always play with girls heart. now i get a karma. girls always hurt my heart. i think i need to be patient with this situation because God knows the best. and i must be a sincere person after this and just ignore what people talking because they just talk and talk and don't want to think for a while. i think i wanna stop texting unimpoertant people because i have more job to do. da.... wish me luck for all the job i do