Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Bit Nervous and Little Bit Dissatisfaction

Okay, take a deep breath and smile. smile is a cure for sadness. yeah, today is a big day. im gonna take my exam
for childrens literature. although its third time im taking an examination, but still im in panic and nervous situation. panic and nervous situation are an ordinary thing happens when people are taking an examination. im a little bit dissatisfied coz my batch semestar two degree still goes for a last day before semestar break. yeah well coz almost every semestar we got to stay at this IPG for the last day. im so angry about this but i try to think positive about it. mom's always said that positive thinking can make our day cheerful.i try to think positive. still, my attitude does not change at all. still a kid that want mum cuddle and my childish make my close friends call me 'adik'. nah, not so frustrated about that coz i know them very well. okay, thats all for today, if i have news im gonna tell you all. chiao.............

p/s : what bout my pic with zakri? is it my tummy same with him?