Sunday, May 11, 2014

Do What We Have To Do

Hey guys, i know i just two days ago updating my blog but who cares! its my blog not ur blog or ur mummy blog. nah, dont be offended. juz kidding yall. ok this week i must make revision for three subject for next week test. nah, as usual lazy lady will knock at my brain to visit me. nah, dont care much about lazy lady knock coz dont care bout the knock.

the thing that i care is how i want to revise the subject and study for the subject. i thought that goin to library i can get the spirit of study but still its the worse thing i do coz nothing happened. i went to library juz to watch dankhoo vids? shit happens! and now im addicting with 'Arjuna Beta' sings by Fynn Jamal. yeah its kind of melodic and the meaning of lyrics was wonderful.

my thought i went to library juz to see her but still she doesnt come. ahh, what a waste! still thats not a good excuse to go to library though. yeah, i got bad intention to go to library so thats why i couldnt concentrate on my study. ok fellas thats all for today i think coz i dunno what to think n i hope there will be a good thing happen. daa

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